Engaging with God

  • Our aim is to conduct meetings for worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with opportunity for the exercise of all true gifts for the building up of the Church subject to the Lordship of Christ.
  • We remember the Lord’s death in the Breaking of Bread / Communion every Sunday, which is usually during the main Sunday morning service.
  • We welcome all believers to the Breaking of Bread / Communion who profess faith in Jesus as Saviour and acknowledge him as Lord.
  • We practice Believers’ Baptism by immersion on personal confession of faith.

Engaging with each other

  • We encourage mutual support, friendship and prayer for one another.
  • We expect every member to participate in the weekly Sunday services and Life Bible Study Groups.
  • We greatly value mentoring and pastoral care, and seek to implement this for all in the Church.
  • We encourage events that bring people together to share and grow in love for one another.

Engaging with the world – Local Mission

  • Our local outreach strategy is based on the principles of Ploughing / Sowing / Reaping / Keeping.
  • We are active in our community to help our neighbours through friendship and social action.
  • We provide activities for young and old, men and women, of all nationalities who live nearby.
  • We are seeking to become a ‘Church for All Nations’ as we reach out to the internationals that form a significant proportion of the community in which Argyle is situated.
  • We maintain the autonomy of Argyle Community Church but enjoy fellowship with other Evangelical Churches in West Reading through regular combined events for prayer and evangelism.
  • We support regular local evangelistic initiatives, such as ‘A Passion for Life’, and as appropriate run ‘Alpha’, ‘Christianity Explored’ and ‘VISA’ courses.    

Engaging with the world – World Mission

  • We send out Christian workers who have been called by God to serve him all over the world.  Currently we support financially 10 missionaries across Asia, Africa, Europe & the Americas.
  • We maintain active prayer support for our missionaries through a monthly Missionary Prayer Meeting.  We determine financial support for them through the recommendation of the Missionary Committee, as endorsed by the Elders.
  • We encourage a generous attitude towards the poor and less fortunate in our world affected by conflict and natural disaster.
  • We also encourage personal engagement in changing lives through sponsorship schemes.